Rental Policies

Our flagship location proudly serves King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas in a 12 mile radius from the King of Prussia mall area. Our newest area serves Sussex, New Jersey and surrounding areas in a 12 mile radius from the Vernon Township High School.

We recommend that you book and pay as early as you can. Just remember: The earlier you book and pay, the more likely you will be able to get the colors/icons/sayings that you request. Generally, two weeks prior to an event is adequate, but around popular holidays and events (i.e. graduation) booking early is a must!

Our team will do all the set-up and pick-up work of your customized yard greeting. While we generally do our work in the morning or afternoon. Our set up time typically starts at 9am. At our King of Prussia location, you can choose our special “ninja-mode” at check out and we’ll set up in the evening hours so that your greeting is a surprise for its recipient! Because of the prevalence of wildlife in our Sussex location, we are not able to do set-ups after dark. Your greeting will be set up facing the road in a visible location, unless otherwise requested.

Your yard greeting will be delivered and set-up by our team who will let you know when the “rounds” for the day starts. This will be your notification that we will be delivering to your yard within a window of time. Because we offer you two days to enjoy your yard greeting if you choose, we will return to pick-up the greeting the day after your event. This will be approximately 48 hours after instillation.

If you need to make different set-up and/or pick-up arrangements, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them.

We ask that you please make sure that the yard is clear of toys, sports gear, bikes, etc prior to our arrival.

We ask that all pets be kept inside or in the backyard during our set-up and pick-up times. But, if you have a super friendly companion animal, leave a ball out so we can toss it around with them!

We ask that during Spring, Summer and Fall you water your lawn/the area to be carded thoroughly the day before our arrival. This step is critical to us getting our stakes into the ground! After you have watered your lawn, you could test it for us. Push a skewer or plant stake into the yard and if it goes in smoothly you are a LAWN HERO and you may even get a sticker to prove it! For winter installations, the ground is sometimes either snowed over or very icy. The area will need to be cleared of snow so that our stakes can reach into the soil. Sometimes we may use wooden bases to install if the ground is too icy, hard or rocky.

We ask that you please help us with our signs and if you have a lawn service or if you do your yard maintenance yourself, please make sure that it’s not done on your yard the day(s) that your greeting will be up.

We want you to enjoy your time with your yard greeting, but we also need to keep our signs and stakes safe to use again. We ask that to keep everyone safe, especially children, please DO NOT let anyone play on or around the lawn greetings display. Our signs items WILL NOT support the weight of a child or adult leaning, sitting or playing on it. Please discourage all persons and pets from playing on or around the display. We encourage you to take photos near your yard greeting. Lots and lots of photos! In fact, we’d love for you to share those photos with us. Please DO NOT add anything to the yard greeting (i.e. balloons, streamers) because these items could damage our signs. Please DO NOT move or remove any signs from the display. You will be invoiced for any missing or damaged signs or display items. If for any reason you or the recipient needs/wants us to remove the sign prior to pick-up time, please contact us ASAP and we will come and remove the signs. Greetings On Your Yard LLC and all representatives are not responsible or liable for any injury or damage that may be caused to any person or personal property during the set-up or removal of any rental.

We love our signs! We love our team!! We are kind-of like postal workers…we will deliver in rain and snow, as long as the ground isn’t frozen (We’re no Ice Princesses!) On occasion, we may not be able to set-up a greeting due to severe weather conditions. This may be for our own safety (i.e. lightning, severe snow storm) or to prevent damage to our signs (i.e. flooding, high winds). If there is a weather event, we will contact you as soon as possible to to reschedule. If rescheduling isn’t an option and you prefer to cancel, a full refund will be issued. If a weather event is threatening the area, it may be necessary to pick-up the yard greeting earlier than planned.

We will offer a full refund if cancelled 48 hours before your scheduled delivery. No refund will be given if cancelled the day of your delivery. We will hold your payment and apply it to a future yard greeting if you’d like. In the event of hazardous weather (i.e. lightning, thunderstorms, hurricanes, heavy snow storms, heavy rain, high winds or any other Act of God) or un-stakable yards (no grass/soil, frozen, extremely rocky or dry soil), we may not be able to set up your lawn greeting we will reschedule your greeting for a safer time. No refunds will be given if the client provides us with the wrong address, if the homeowner requests for us to remove the lawn greeting early, if we are denied access to a gated community, if an animal prevents us from set-up or is there are circumstances that make it unsafe or prevents us from setting up the yard greeting.

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