Who We Are

Hello from Jen, Charles, Dominic, Skyler & Kiwi! Founders, Owners Sussex Location, Co-Owners KoP Location & Your Sussex, NJ Crew

Charles and Jen lived in the Upper Merion community for six years before moving to Sussex, New Jersey. They are used to more rural living having moved to King of Prussia from the “Pennsylvania Wilds”.  From their cabin in the woods, their little dog Kiwi, got a reputation for being a mighty bear chaser and “saved” the family many times.

Charles attended Florida A&M University and The University of South Florida where he earned degrees in architecture, business administration and computer information technology. Jen dove right into the working life and has enjoyed many job titles over the years including interpreter for the deaf, toddler teacher and scrapbooking maven. 

Charles and Jen have been married for 26 years and even though they have helped to raise twelve children who came into their home over the past thirteen years through foster care, they are blessed to call their last two foster children theirs forever!

The whole family enjoys traveling anywhere, cooking and sampling new and different foods, Boy & Girl Scout adventures, crafting, growing vegetables, hiking and being band & drama parents and supporting the local kids’ sports teams .   

After introducing their community to Greetings On Your Yard in 2020, it grew to become a recognized addition to the area and they increased their yard carding crew to include Ericka, Dan, Janette and Kelly. Alongside the Peck family, they all have formed a working family who loves spreading joy and happiness- one yard at a time!   Let them help you make your next celebration extra special.

Greetings from Dan, Ericka, Leidan, Jordan, Eden, and Jaiden! Co-Owners KoP Location & Your King of Prussia, PA Crew

Daniel is a Pennsylvania native and even though Ericka is a Jersey girl at heart, she enjoys being an active part of her local community ever since moving to Norristown in 2008 from the big city of Philadelphia.

Daniel and Ericka met when they were attending DeVry University in PA while pursuing degrees in business administration. Soon after graduation, they were married and welcomed their firstborn son to the world. After Leidan, three more wonderful children made Ericka a SUPER mom and helped her realize that molding little minds was her calling. She set a course in a child centric career and became a private nanny, childbirth and parenting teacher with eyes on becoming a doula, and infant teacher at a local daycare. Dan’s easy going and happy-to-help personality has helped him while working as IT Help Desk HERO (because when you need IT help, the person helping is a true hero!) and a credit repair expert.

This on-the-go family is forever moving. Dan inspires growth & character development in his children (very affectionately known as “The Nuggets”) as well as their peers volunteering as their track coach, they all enjoy cheering one another on in any of their many sports events, taking road trips, caring for local strays, fishing, camping, biking, cooking together, creating art & craft projects, singing terrible karaoke, movie and game nights at home, and helping out on a family friend’s farm in Quakertown.

After becoming an integral part of Greetings On Your Yard in King of Prussia they were excited to become part owners in that location after the Pecks moved and started the Sussex location. They cherish the opportunity to continue working as a family, creating greetings that spread joy as recipients feel celebrated and represented! So if you see Dan, Ericka and The Nuggets out there spreading happiness, make sure to honk and holler “hello”!

Favorite Sayings

Savor the moments that are warm and special and giggly.

Sammy Davis, Jr.

The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

Oprah Winfrey

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.

Roald Dahl

Until further notice…celebrate everything!

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